Beyond conducting UX and human factors research, our team has published work on a variety of related industry topics. We’ve even pulled together an online cookbook of our team’s favorite and family recipes! Check out all of our publications.

We’re obsessed with UX

Being obsessed with UX means we don’t just talk about it at work. We love talking about it in proceedings papers, conference presentations, posters, and books (for grownups AND kids!). Ask us for a full list of published papers from our researchers!

AI and UX: Why Artificial Intelligence Needs User Experience

An essential text for those interested in AI and future implications; these can be futurists, technophiles, or product designers and product managers working on AI product.

The Handbook of Global User Research

Insight from UX professionals from nine countries and, following a typical project timeline, presents practical insights into the preparation, fieldwork, analysis and reporting, and overall project management for global user research projects.

2023 desk calendar

We transformed our newly expanded research labs into an alternate universe with our team’s pets standing in as researchers and clients. In addition to being just plain adorable, the research calendar will help you plan your projects in 2023!

ReSight Global Recipe Box

We collaborated with our partners from Germany, Japan, and China to bring you some of our global team’s favorite go-to recipes. We hope you enjoy a peek inside our kitchens.

H is for Human Factors