Check UX: Accessibility

Good healthcare should be universal and fair, and user experience (UX) is essential in providing equal service to all. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are a series of standards considered the benchmark for website/app accessibility, while the European Accessibility Act (EAA) aims to mandate compliance with accessibility standards. Companies must ensure that users, regardless of ability, can perceive, operate, and understand the information on a website/app.

Inclusive design is the key to accessible digital health

Our in-depth UX accessibility check provides you with a roadmap to navigate best practices and ensure compliance with guidelines that promote inclusion in healthcare.

What is Check UX: Accessibility?

Check UX: Accessibility is a UX review that focuses on how well digital health interfaces align with accessibility best practices, taking the WCAG and EAA recommendations into account. By examining the user experience, we can identify:

  • How information and interface components are perceived by users.
  • The operability and compatibility of the website/app (e.g., navigation, compatibility with screen readers).
  • How the content and operations are perceived by users with differing abilities.
  • Areas to improve accessibility.

This evaluation of the user interface (UI) will set out areas that your company can improve on to ensure increased benefit to your customer base while normalising accessible design.

We’re here to help

Inclusivity and accessibility are integral components of healthcare, yet there remains untapped potential for reaching additional markets for the digital health industry. By driving innovation and focusing on accessibility, your company will benefit from improving customer experience, which, in turn, will widen customer base globally.

Our goal is to support you with the research capabilities and analytical mindset needed to achieve these goals. 

By working with our UX experts who have hands-on experience, you can create digital products and services that are fair, accessible, and easy to use, helping to build trust and loyalty among your customers.

Why we’re different

We know that time is tight, resources are stretched, and yet the organisational needs are many. We are well equipped to meet your team where you are and support you in your journey.

We’re not a design firm who does research on the side. We are a dedicated UX research team with the experience, expertise, and diligence needed to deliver. 

What you’ll get

We start with two things: (1) a deep reading of the WCAG 2.1 guidelines, and (2) a set of established, well-defined and EEA guidelines within the user experience and human factors communities. Our UX experts consider elements of the WCAG 2.1 and EEA requirements and carry out a thorough review of one of your interfaces (either web or app).

From this review, we produce a report that includes:

  • an overall UX score,
  • scoring on each of the four key accessibility outcomes,
  • a report on where the user interface meets the requirements,
  • and areas where it falls short.

This service begins at £5000 and can often be completed in a week.

Additional services are available as requested: